Meet the Writing Team of Jill Max

Jill Max is the pen name used by Kelly Bennett and Ronnie Davidson for their co-authored works.



Kelly Bennett and Ronnie Davidson met while enrolled in a children's writing class at Tulsa Community College, in Tulsa, OK. During one class session they dreamed up the same book idea at the same time — a scratch-n-sniff cookbook — and the writing team of Jill Max was born.

The name, “Jill Max” is a combination of Ronnie's daughter's name “Jill” and Kelly's son's name “Max.”

During their 20+ years of collaborating, their work has appeared in more than 50 magazines and newspapers, they have co-authored 5 picture books, a Cambodian survivor story for young adults, and compiled 2 collections of Native American Legends. Though the “Jill Max” team has been separated geographically they continue to collaborate on projects.

Titles by Jill Max and the writing team of Kelly Bennett and Ronnie Davidson


A Young Boy's Struggle to Survive in Khmer Rouge Cambodia

Written by Jill Max

Royal Fireworks Press, 2006
ISBN: 978-0880926171

Mok is nine when the Khmer Rouge take control of Cambodia. In one day, his world changes forever and he is thrown into a desperate struggle to survive.



Fourteen Legends from Native America

Compiled by Jill Max
Cover by S. D. Nelson 

Rising Moon, 1998, paperback edition 2007.
ISBN: 0873586115 — Hardcover 
ISBN: 978-0873589369 — Paperback

A 1998 Oklahoma Book Award Finalist.

Fourteen Native American Legends including the Kiowa, Zuni, Cherokee, Hopi, Lakota, and Muskogee, featuring the spider character in various forms, and illustrated by six Native American Artists—Robert Annesley, Benjamin Harjo, Michael Lacapa, S. D. Nelson, Redwing T Nez and Baje Whitethorne.



Sherlick Hound and the Valentine Mystery

Written by Kelly Goldman & Ronnie Davidson

Albert Whitman & Co., 1989
ISBN: 0807573353

When Princess Penelope Poodle's ruby collar is stolen at her Valentine's Day party, detective Sherlick Hound doggedly checks out Dogtown's high society until he finds the thief.

Annies HighSeasAdv-72dpi.jpg

Annie’s High Sea Adventure by Jill Max 

(Garrett Educational Corp, 1991) 
ISBN: 1-56074-027-2

Annie and Captain Cade rescue rabbits Bobo and Dot when a storm at sea capsizes their little red sailboat. 

Story inspired by Marek Mann’s illustrations.



Annie’s City Adventure by Jill Max 

(Garrett Educational Corp., 1991) 
ISBN: 1-56074-031-0

Annie and her best friend Kate explore the city and have adventures on different kinds of transportation.

Story inspired by Marek Mann’s illustrations.



Cokolina and the Wild Island by Jill Max

(Garrett Educational Corp, 1991)
ISBN: 1-56074-03209

Cokolina discovers the shifting island she lives on is actually a newly awakened dinosaur, who then takes her on a trip around the world. 

Story inspired by Dorothy Bohlke’s illustrations.


Dino the Star Keeper by Jill Max

(Garrett Educational Corp., 1991) 
ISBN: 1-56074-028-0

Wondering who keeps the stars, Josh falls asleep and dreams that he flies among the dinosaur star keepers. 

Story inspired by Marek Mann’s illustrations.

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